About the school

St. Christina Girls' Secondary School is a Girls' Boarding school situated in Tanga Municipality 5 kilometers from Tanga town along the Dar-es-salaam road. Initially the premises belonged to the now defunct Tanga Dairy Institute. It has acreage of 27 acres covered by all green good landscape of grass, coconut, mango trees and other vegetations. Neighbours include TPDF- Army barracks as Tanzania Peoples' Defence Force, the Livestock Research Institute, Tanga Fresh milk industry and Tanga Airport. It is one of the few girls' school in the country. It was registered on 25th September 2001 after operating with a provisional registration from 12th July 2001. The School had planned to enroll at least 30 girls to start with but due to the fact that it was new, the management managed to enroll 10 girls for form five.

In Tanga Region, there are few Girls' and therefore a good number of those who finish Primary school do not continue with studies at secondary school level. The same situation is overt in many parts of the country due to the fact local traditions favoured + boys against girls. As it were, girls are disadvantaged in terms of education country wide Tanga inclusive.


Our Mission is "to embrace a holistic approach in the provision of education to learners".


Striving to provide appropriate education to the learners with a view of preparing them academically, socially, spiritually and physically so as to make them responsible women beneficial to the society.

Level of development

The physical facilities of land, buildings, furniture and other assets are being built on self-help basis. The buildings that were initially hired from the aforesaid defunct institute have been renovated to suit the current status of the school. E.g. three floors have been added to the former classroom building to make a total of standard size classrooms, a computer lab and mini-school library.

In addition to the vast rehabilitation tasks, the NGO has also managed to erect a new dormitory named Gabriel House and this has a capacity of accommodating 96 students in its 6 rooms.

A science laboratory has been constructed at the extreme end of the administration block. It is a single lab but indeed serving the purpose of practical for 'O' level students. Plans to build other laboratories so as to introduce science combinations at Advance level are underway.

Information Technology

The school is among few schools in the country which champion provision of quality education to learners hence ensures the teaching of Computer studies is taken on board. Students now have access to Internet services for broader leaning. They are able to consult encyclopedia on line through the Encarta programme.

The Management is working around the clock to make-work easier for teachers by enabling them to use overhead projects and transparencies in the teaching / learning process. This will also be a contribution towards the health care of both teachers and learners because they will no longer be subjected to inhaling the dust from chalk.

Number of students

There has been tremendous increase in the number of students enrolled in its school. From 22 students enrolled in 2001 to the current number, which is 420 students.

Health services

The school attends to students' health with keen. There is a dispensary where a trained staff nurse attends students at the level of First Aid. Incase of serious health problems students are taken and treated in a classic hospital where services are of a satisfactory standard.

The school provides students with a balanced diet and safe drinking water. As a measure to prevent contracting diseases spread by harmful insects such as mosquitoes, fumigation of the school buildings and the environment in general is administered during long vacations. Students are also urged to use mosquito nets at night.

Physical Exercises

The school acknowledges the truth in the sayings:
"Tom without play makes him a dull boy"
"A healthy mind stays in a healthy body"
Students of this school play Netball, Volleyball, Badminton and table tennis. They are also encouraged to participate in jogging exercises for the purpose of promoting good health.

Spiritual Services

St. Christina Girls' Secondary school glorifies and respects freedom of worship. All students are allowed to worship according to their religion / denomination without stigma or discrimination of any kind.

Guidance & Counselling

Teachers frequently hold face to face sessions with the girls focused on life skills. A lot of emphasis is directed to issues pertaining to HIV / AIDS pandemic, Family life Education, Girl child Education for Empowerment. 'One learned lady is a big asset to the offspring in each family in future. Educating a lady is to educate the whole family'. Holistic approach in the provision of education to the learners accommodates that.


The school has embarked on an aggressive and ambitious modern landscape development surrounding the school by planting fast growing trees, flowers, good grass and safe drainage network. The school has established an orchard as a multipurpose action. One is to conserve the bare land and the other is to enrich the supply of fruits for good health. This will teach the students on land conservation and environmental care as contribution towards one of the prevailing cross cutting issues not only in the nation but also globally.